Morning of Music…

To my music loving friends…
I spent the morning listening to two remarkable musicians who both lead with the Trombone. I played Trombone all through HS and a little into college… James Pankow (Chicago’s Trombonist) was the musical hero of my youth. Just say yes to Trombone!
This morning I listened, over a lovely pot of Puer (a Yunnan black tea), to Doug Scarborough’s album ‘Bridges’ and Naomi Moon Siegel’s ‘Shoebox View’.
‘Bridges’ is a fabulous fusion of East and West Jazz. You will be glad you checked out!
I have the privilege of playing music with Doug on occasion and was a student in his song writing class at Whitman College this past fall. He is a gem of a human being. I urge you to watch his interview where he talks about ‘Bridges’.
He lives his words. Music can build a bridge of love and understanding between humans from different traditions and histories. What a great thought in these difficult times where there is much talk but precious little listening!
Naomi Moon Siegel is a Seattle artist who, in this debut album, has captured the attention and admiration of this listener and many others.
Naomi and a collaborating colleague were guests in Doug Scarborough’s song writing class. She was thoughtful and gracious in offering us some song writing and creative writing/composing nuggets from her experience. She also shared her music with us… fabulous!
Friends, do yourself a favour and give these two artists a listen!

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