A time to reflect

Time is constantly moving. Yesterday while enjoying a beverage with Darlene at a local watering hole a Steve Miller Band classic played in the room. The unforgettable funky guitar riff, the 70’s futuristic synth runs and ‘do do dodo’s’ were followed by the familiar lyric that runs throughout… ‘time keeps on slippin slippin slippin, into the future.’

How true this is. Time just keeps going… it stops for nothing…  not for life changing events, nor for life-ending events… significant happenings, small joys, deep wounds or wonderful jubilations can all take place and time will not stop to acknowledge any of it. Time really does keep ‘slippin into the future’…

Left unchecked that is really an alarming thought!

It strikes me that rather than letting time slip away I could instead ‘make time’ to reflect on what has happened in my past, what is happening now and what I want for my future.

I know many would agree with me on the value of reflection. Many choose a weekly church service as a reflective practice. That is no longer my way. Rather, my ‘church’ may be sitting on my front steps with guitar in hand and, expressing a meditation musically, allowing what’s inside to come out. Sometimes it takes place while connecting with the beauty of nature. Sometimes, in a quietly shared moment with my closest friend and love.

However it happens, I find that I need to be intentional about taking time to reflect. I need to plan for it… do it on a regular schedule. Because if I don’t stop to reflect on my life –  what I value, what I need, who needs me or where I am headed – indeed ‘Time’ won’t do it for me.

On one such occasion, my reflection brought me this instrumental piece. I recorded it yesterday and offer it to you today.

How have you built a reflective practice into your life? I would love to hear about it!



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