Equal Pay Day


Today is national Equal Pay day. Although this post and song don’t relate directly to compensation, I thought it relevant enough to share.

By some serendipitous event last week I had the opportunity to sit at a table with Darlene and four other strong, independent thinking, female leaders; each with their own distinct strengths, communications styles, and spheres of influence. What a privilege… an opportunity! I spoke some…but felt compelled mostly to listen and to learn about the real experiences, thoughts, and ideas of these remarkable women.

It struck me that these women, all different in style, individual strengths and even perspective, each had a unique and essential voice… that needs to be heard! None of
these individuals speak for ALL women yet each voice is vital and adds something of great value to the conversation… any conversation; personal, local, national or global.

All too often the masculine action of choice is to speak up, speak loud and take charge. I was reminded in this recent conversation that, preferably, my role as a male feminist is to stand alongside, to listen and learn, and advocate when an opportunity presents… probably in a setting where the female voice is, for whatever reason, not present. If provided a seat at the table there are a vast array of individuals, each with a shared experience as women existing in a male-dominated power structure and also uniquely different in strengths and approaches, that hold many essential keys to making the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. If I can be a supportive ally and help along the way, if I can follow and point out the path that they are forging for themselves and the next generation, I think that is a good outcome.

I have heard it said that when women do well, everyone does well. I believe it to be true!

Consider this post an encouragement to my male friends out their…  look for an opportunity to listen to and learn from the strong, independent and free-thinking women in your lives. I guarantee you will be better for the experience.

And ya… they deserve nothing less than Equal Pay!

Emotive Man by Dean Snider

This song began as a way of poking a little fun at myself for being an emotionally sensitive man. Perhaps because I do value this trait in myself, the song somehow morphed into a satirical statement on a man’s role as a feminist and a caution to myself (and perhaps others) from patting myself on the back too readily for being ‘outspoken’ as a male feminist. I think it is a little bit funny. The subtle Carly Simon lyrical reference is intentional and I particularly like the way the third verse contradicts itself in juxtaposed halves… an example of my dark humour  🙂 Please take as tongue and cheek…



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