Let it Rain


Let It Rain  by Dean Snider


I grew up, to the extent that I can call myself a grown up, in the 70’s and 80’s. For me, that time was defined, in so many ways, by the music I listened to. I still have, and listen to, my collection of Kansas records, Chicago, the Commodores, the Doobie Brothers. I pull out that Dan Fogelberg, that Phil Keagy or that Yes record for a listen now and then.

I was thinking this week, however, about one song in particular from Micahel Jackson’s 1987 album ‘Bad’. ‘Man in the Mirror’ was a powerful song about affecting social change by starting with yourself – the Man in the Mirror. Great thought!

For me, the phrase ‘Man in the Mirror’ came to represent an honest look at oneself. It means that my understanding of the truth starts by looking into my own eyes and being honest with myself.  Am I giving this a sincere effort? Check with the man in the mirror. Am I doing my share of the chores? Check with the man in the mirror. Am I part of the problem? Check with the man in the mirror.  Am I working for a solution or pandering to my own self-interest? Man in the mirror says….?

These are difficult times, and we face challenging issues in our local communities, in our nations, and around the globe. Here in the USA rhetoric is launched, dripping with disdain and often anger, as weaponry from right to left and left to right… as if there were only the two possible positions. Voices that carry uncomfortable messages are often silenced, ignored or altered inciting our righteous indignation rather than our empathy or understanding. There is a whole lot of talk out there and not a great deal of listening. Am I part of that problem? Man in the mirror says… ya, I’ve done that!

The truth, whatever it is and however uncomfortable it may be, can be a cleansing shower – or a raging storm. Either way, its’ water will erode our rough edges, purging and cleansing us in the process. It may even set us free!

For me, I am trying to listen to the voices I encounter with an eye to the man in the mirror. Care to join me? We can help keep each other accountable!

Only in Darkness can we see the stars*, facing the truth, a balm for the scars. Cleansing the spirit in this waterfall, let it rain.




*Quote: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.





  1. Like it Dean! Beautiful song. Appreciate the honesty and challenge. Taking a good look at what I am up to these days. What does it mean to offer what I’ve been given? What does it look like to be a good neighbor? Recently took a training with a local community organization and love their phrase “from isolation to community”.


    1. Thank you, Dawn.

      You have so much to offer… Talent for sure but even more so you bring grace, positivity and a true and kind heart into every environment. I am also constantly amazed at how you find the best in every person/situation to focus and build on. You are a gift to all those around you my sister.

      From ‘isolation to community’… that seems right within your wheelhouse from where I stand.

      Love you!



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