Walking Blues

Walking Blues  by Dean Snider

Thumper’s mother (of Disney lore) had it right when she scolded her son by asking him to recite his father words from earlier in the day: “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say nothin’ at all.”

It’s not all fun and games out there. Come on folks, let’s be kind to one another!

In thinking about this post, I found the Choose to Be Nice website. Great stuff! Kudos to the folks who started this social movement that is “dedicated to encouraging and inspiring kindness wherever and whenever possible.” What a great mission! Thank you! I can now be counted among the 7,871 who have made The Promise to be kind. This is a good start, but… more would better! Check it out!

I also found the Be Kind People Project that is working to “build a generation of respectful, responsible, healthy, and caring citizens and leaders”. Their Mission is “to initiate positive social change in schools that will improve academic achievement and the overall learning environment, motivate respectful interpersonal relationship skills, build accountability for personal decisions and wellness, recognize teachers, encourage family and community involvement, and provide a framework for lifelong values. Another outstanding mission to be engaged in!

I can additionally highlight the Global Youth Service Day that is asking youth to Pledge to be “Fearless and Kind: To be inclusive. To stand up for those who need my help. And to make a difference whenever I can, wherever I can, because I can! Another fabulous group pledge that I have now added my name to.

I really love to see creative educators working with youth to build a more civil tomorrow.  I also really like how the Arts seem to be an excellent medium for teaching this stuff! Programs, such as these, help our youth to learn more, live better and to be a better example for adults.  How about that for an ironic twist in the natural order of things!? 🙂

There are some great things out there, people doing stuff that gives us a reason for hope! Really good stuff folks!

Go forth and be kind… and let’s all try to avoid giving anyone the ‘Walking Blues.’ What can you do today to build a more compassionate world?

That is a good thought to end on.





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