Better Days Here and Now

Here we are at the close of 2020 and, quite naturally, we are taking time to look back at what has been a very challenging year. 

Most of us will be none too glad to see 2020 pass into the halls of history. However, we have found a way to persevere and begin to address the loss, hardship, suffering, and injustice that has defined our year. A closer inspection may also reveal to us some positives. For example, I have never been granted so much quality time each day with my partner Darlene. Sharing space as we work virtually together, long walks, adventurous hikes, and paddles. Distance from others brought us even closer together. For this aspect of 2020, I am grateful. 

Entering a new year, as always, we look ahead with anticipation. Beyond the typical resolutions made this time of year, we can also look forward to the end of this COVID rampage. The vaccines have provided a much-needed light at the end of this long pandemic tunnel. I am also grateful for, and humbled by, the many brilliant minds and the courageous volunteers during the human trials phases that have made these vaccines possible in such a short time! The words ‘thank you’ seem not near enough!

Pondering both what we have come through and what lies ahead, I wonder, today, that if we allow our eyes time to adjust, we will find that there is enough light, right here and now, to provide clarity for living in this present moment. 

I was reminded this week of the Carly Simon song, ‘Anticipation’. She begins:

We can never know about the days to come, but we think about them anyway

And I wonder if I’m really here with you now, or just chasin’ a finer day?

Carly Simon

I particularly like her outro refrain, “These are the good old days” where she values living each moment to the fullest.

The lyric makes me wonder how many times, in anticipating some “finer day,” I have entirely missed the ‘remarkable’ that lies in front of me, right here and right now?

As we continue our journey in 2021, my wish for us all; may we plan for a better, kinder, and more Just future. May we also live with an intentional and present focus on BEING better, kinder, and more Just right now. In doing so, perhaps we can make these, the good old days!

Greetings, my friends, from Skagit. And Happy New Year!


Dean Snider


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